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Todd Sixt

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

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Todd Sixt is the CEO of Strait & Sound. He is a successful and seasoned leader of financial service teams. His focus is to ensure Strait & Sound’s clients are provided with a first-class experience and that the work delivered by our people is unsurpassed in the financial services industry. At his core, he believes in excellence.

Todd is deeply committed to helping clients achieve complete financial independence. In an industry known for overwhelming people, Todd prefers straightforward dialogue and strategies that clients can commit to for the long haul. He knows how important financial planning is to realizing long-term goals. He also knows that most clients don’t want to become investment experts themselves but instead want to work with a financial expert who will be a partner for life.

This is why Todd practices, and teaches other financial advisors to practice, the art of getting to know clients deeply. He takes the time to understand how clients feel about wealth, their family dynamics, and how their financial and personal lives change over time. Todd knows that to serve clients well, his counsel and approach needs to evolve with clients as their situation changes.


Career Accomplishments

Since 1996, Todd has been inspiring financial service professionals to serve clients with passion and integrity. The result of these efforts is that clients trust their advisors, feel deeply understood and want to stay for life. This, in turn, has produced substantial growth of the organizations where Todd was a leader.

Todd’s easy-going style and love of life often hide the fierce competitor within. He is driven and goal oriented, both in serving clients and in growing opportunities for his firm. In a previous role, where he was a Principal and Director of the Pacific Northwest region, Todd made strategic moves to stimulate the company’s growth from $450 million in assets under management to over $1.4 billion.

Todd worked for Fidelity Investments for 11 years, winning multiple awards along the way. He moved four times geographically and into higher responsibility roles at the firm. At the time of his departure, he was responsible for managing over $1B in client assets.


Work History

  • Fidelity Investments (1996-2007)
  • The Caprock Group (2008-2009)
  • TD Ameritrade (2010-2013)
  • Alpha Cubed Investments (2014-2020)
  • Strait & Sound (2020-Present)



BA History, Miami University (1994)



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