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Daniel Wu

Wealth Advisor

Daniel Wu is an experienced wealth advisor for high net-worth families and individuals. Daniel has served private clients since 1995, beginning his career with Schwab where he spent a decade. Over the course of his 25+ years in financial services, he has seen the highs and the lows of this industry. He successfully guided clients through the great recession of 2008-2009 and provided peace of mind and a steady hand as his clients grappled with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Daniel is passionate about problem-solving. He believes everyone has money problems, no matter how much money they have. It is his mission to help all of his clients achieve complete financial independence so they live a life free of money-worries. To achieve this, Daniel remains on the cutting edge of quantitative investment strategies, portfolio management options and financial research.

Daniel enjoys serving entrepreneurs and feels a special bond with them. He understands the financial complexities associated with entrepreneurship, particularly regarding tax strategies and wealth preservation. Entrepreneurs find a listening ear, a keen mind and the voice of experience when interacting with Daniel.

Daniel is committed to building comprehensive financial plans for his clients, Each client receives a customized plan, tailored to their financial concerns and goals. As a precursor to building these plans, Daniel invests the necessary time and energy to come to understand his clients deeply. His discovery process is thorough, inquisitive and centered around what matters to his clients.



Awarded Chart Market Technician Designation in 2006


Work History

Wealth Advisor, Strait & Sound, LLC (April 2022 – Present)
CEO, Pair Lending LLC (September 2016 – Present)
CIO, GPS Capital Management, LLC (September 2005 – Present)
CEO, Onvest LLC (September 2015 – Present)
Schwab & Co. Inc. (July 1995 – August 2005)


Financial Analysis at Golden Gate University, San Francisco, USA
Bachelor of Science, Finance at San Francisco State University, San Francisco, USA



RIA – Registered Investment Advisor
CTA – Registered Commodities Trading Advisor
CMT – Charter Market Technician

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