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Taxes of all forms are a top concern for our clients. Many of our high-net-worth clients view taxes as the single greatest source of wealth depletion. If you feel this way, you’re not alone. Most of our clients are located on the US West Coast where the cost of living is already high. But add state and federal income tax, property tax and sales tax and you have a trifecta of wealth draining factors.

Some of our clients are entrepreneurs and taxes for this group can make or break their financial year. There’s nothing worse than going into tax season believing that you are well ahead of the game only to discover that a big tax bill puts you well behind. Those are really unhappy moments.

At Strait & Sound, we are experts on tax strategy and tax mitigation. We often find that clients pay far more than they needed to, after reviewing their tax returns from prior years. This is why we’ve made a tax orientation a core part of how we serve clients. We know that the money you save on taxes can accelerate you toward complete financial independence.

Key Take Away

We know that the money you save on taxes can accelerate you toward complete financial independence.”

Our Approach To Tax Strategy

Strait & Sound is not a CPA firm. We want to say that for the record. However, we do have a lot of experience in analyzing tax returns and creating tax strategies to help you avoid paying more than your fair share in taxes. Please see our Tax Minimizer© program for ideas about how we do this. Our approach to doing so often includes these steps:

  • Review – we review the documentation clients provide us, including tax returns of all types and supporting documentation and schedules.
  • Analysis – we analyze how these documents compare to other clients and to industry-recognized best-practices. In many instances, our analysis reveals strategies that clients have not yet tried.
  • Priorities – we identify and prioritize those strategies that are most likely to produce the greatest benefit to clients.
  • Recommendations – we recommend actions that clients should take.
  • Coordination – we coordinate with the client’s other professional advisors, particularly CPAs, to ensure the action is taken.
  • Accountability – we keep the situation in front of the client and apprise them of status until the action is fully taken.
  • Alternates – if a client’s other professional advisors are not working out for any reason, we will recommend alternate advisors.

Who Is Your Partner?

Given how important taxation is to wealth building, we think it is essential to have the best tax strategy possible. Our role is to review your current tax strategy and to recommend changes, where appropriate. At the very least, our review and analysis can serve as a second-opinion to confirm that you are doing all you can to alleviate your tax burden. Quite possibly, as has been the case with numerous clients, we could help you save money that can be put toward achieving complete financial independence.

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