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Many of our clients are charitably inclined. Many clients choose to give back before they’ve achieved complete financial independence themselves. They want to be a source of support to charities that they are passionate about while building their own nest egg. Other clients choose to be charitable near the end of their lives. They want to make a sizable impact by leaving a sizable gift.

No matter how our clients choose to do it, they want their charitable gifts to bless the organizations they feel connected to while also being as smart about it as possible. You may not be aware of the many vehicles and strategies that can improve the size of your gift to your charity of choice while also providing you or your heirs a taxable benefit. A cash donation, while always appreciated, may not be as tax efficient as other means of giving. 

At Strait & Sound, we believe that charitable giving is very important. This connects our clients with organizations and people who make their lives really meaningful. Charitable gifts are also an important part of leaving a legacy. They help guide a family’s values and sense of purpose, especially when parents model charitable behavior in front of their children. It is our goal to help our clients maximize their charitable gifts by making the best decisions possible.

Key Take Away

“You may not be aware of the many vehicles and strategies that can improve the size of your gift to your charity of choice while also providing you or your heirs a taxable benefit.”

Our Approach To Charitable Strategy

Strait & Sound has quite a bit of experience with advising clients on charitable giving. Our approach to doing so often includes these steps:

  • Review – we review which charities our clients want to support and why. We especially want to know why they are passionate about their charity. We look at how they’ve made contributions in the past. We also discuss legacy planning and how this intersects with financial planning and estate plans. We come to understand the goals our clients want to achieve and why.
  • Analysis – we analyze how our clients’ charitable gifts have been made and how these efforts compare to best-practices. In many instances, we are able to discover better, more tax efficient and more impactful, ways of giving.
  • Priorities – we identify and prioritize those options we believe clients should consider.
  • Recommendations – we recommend actions that clients could take.
  • Coordination – we coordinate with the client’s other professional advisors, particularly estate attorneys, to ensure the action is taken. If desired, we can also coordinate with leaders of the charitable organization.


Who Is Your Partner?

Given how important charitable planning is to your legacy, we think it is essential to have a review of your options. Our role is to come to understand why you want to be charitable and how best to do so in a way that makes the biggest impact possible for the charity while also fulfilling your dreams. Quite possibly, our analysis could help you increase your sense of mission and purpose, further enhancing your legacy.

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