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Asset Protection Strategy

Creating A Perimeter Of Defense Around Your Wealth


Most of our clients work an entire lifetime to accumulate the assets they have today. These can include a primary home, vacation home, automobiles, collectibles of many kinds (like firearms, musical instruments, gold, antique furniture) and other items of high value. These types of assets should be protected from unjust seizure and accidental loss.

Most of our clients protect assets by way of legal structures, like trusts and estate plans, and by way of insurance products. But the challenge with insurance products, including life, health, property-casualty and others, is that they can be quite expensive, complicated to understand and quite possibly not appropriate to the goals people want to achieve. Many of our clients wonder if they have enough insurance, too much insurance or the wrong kinds of insurance. Those are reasonable questions.

At Strait & Sound, we believe asset protection is an important strategy for achieving complete financial independence. Without the best possible asset protection plan in place, the assets you’ve worked so hard to acquire could be gone in an instant. This is especially true for resident of the US West Coast, where many of our clients live. This coast has been prone to unprecedented wild-fires that have ravaged many families. But no one wants to pay more than they should for these products or discover that once they need them, certain stipulations prevent them from recovering what they’ve lost.

Key Take Away

At Strait & Sound, we believe asset protection is an important strategy for achieving complete financial independence.”

Our Approach To Asset Protection

Strait & Sound is not an insurance firm and we do not offer estate planning services. We want to say that for the record. However, we do have a lot of experience in analyzing asset protection strategies and identifying risks that should be covered. Our approach to doing so often includes these steps:

  • Review – we review the documentation clients provide us, including insurance products of all types and estate planning vehicles. We actually dig into the details on these documents to understand how they’re constituted and how closely this matches up to our client’s needs.
  • Analysis – we analyze how these strategies compare to industry-recognized best-practices. In many instances, our analysis reveals weaknesses that clients will want to address.
  • Priorities – we identify and prioritize those situations that present the greatest risk to clients.
  • Recommendations – we recommend actions that clients should take.
  • Coordination – we coordinate with the client’s other professional advisors, particularly insurance specialists and estate attorneys, to ensure the action is taken.
  • Accountability – we keep the situation in front of the client and apprise them of status until the action is fully taken.
  • Alternates – if a client’s other professional advisors are not working out for any reason, we will recommend alternate advisors.


Who Is Your Partner?

Given how important asset protection is to wealth building, we think it is essential to have the best strategies possible. Our role is to review your current insurance products and estate protections and to recommend changes, where appropriate. At the very least, our review and analysis can serve as a second-opinion to confirm that you are doing all you can to protect your assets. Quite possibly, we could help identify situations that might threaten the likelihood of achieving complete financial independence and stop them in their tracks.

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