Strait & Sound Expands To Boise, Idaho As New Financial Advisor Joins The Team


Dateline:  August 24, 2021, San Francisco, CA


Strait & Sound is pleased to announce that Gil Wiseman, a seasoned leader in the financial services industry, has joined our team. Gil will service affluent clients in the Boise, Idaho region of the United States.

Todd Sixt, co-founder and CEO, is pleased to welcome Gil to the team. “We’ve had our eye on the Boise market for quite some time,” states Todd. “We’ve been looking for a partner in that area who can help us serve high-net-worth families and individuals. We know the Boise market is different, with people who are looking for a different quality of life. I believe Gil Wiseman is the perfect fit to help us serve those clients. Gil knows the Boise area and the people. He gets the local culture. Gil also brings a maturity and a level of experience that we believe will make a real difference for those clients.”

For more than three decades, Gil worked closely with executive leaders to achieve outstanding results for financial services teams. As a long-term team member with Farmers Insurance, Gil climbed the ladder of corporate responsibility, earning accolades and respect from all who worked with him.

“I like building relationships and solving problems,” states Gil. “I’ve spent my lifetime working with individuals to help them achieve their goals. What I’m seeing today is a big gap between those who think they have a financial plan and those who actually have a financial plan. I find that, at the end of the day, what many people really have is a plan to watch their money. They might have a financial advisor and they might have ideas for where they’re going. But unless the plan is fully documented and used in meetings to gauge progress, it’s really not a financial plan. It’s my mission to put that plan in place so clients gain real peace of mind about the future.”

“I was drawn to Strait & Sound for two reasons: financial planning and relationship building. A long-time friend and client introduced me to Cory Baer. He and his wife recommended Cory so highly that I could not ignore their endorsement. This couple retired early and is living a great life in Europe and they credit much of that outcome to Cory’s ability to help them draft and stick to their financial plan. I find that very attractive. That is exactly the kind of relationship I have been seeking to form with all of my clients.”

“For several years now, I’ve wanted to make financial planning and client relationship formation the primary focus of my career. All of my experiences in the financial services industry, especially from my insurance background, have brought me to this moment. I am ready to do the best work of my career and to do it with a great team that I really believe in. If you’re not working with Strait & Sound, I really believe you’re missing out. This place and these people are special.”

“Gil brings a special passion to each client relationship,” states Todd Sixt. “I’ve had the opportunity to see him working with clients and it’s exciting for me. We have a plan to grow Strait & Sound by taking on the right new financial advisors and the right new clients. Gil Wiseman ticks both of those boxes and for me and I couldn’t be happier with his choice to join our team.”


About Strait & Sound

Strait & Sound is a Registered Investment Advisory firm in the financial services industry. We provide comprehensive wealth management services to individuals and families seeking to achieve complete financial independence. Strait & Sound is deeply invested in our client relationships. The trust, admiration and loyalty our clients feel for us really defines who we are as a company. To build those kinds of relationships, we practice an intentional approach that is designed to uncover and address everything that concerns our clients regarding their wealth. Then we build a plan that is a customized combination of our seven key services.

We Provide Comprehensive Wealth Management Services For People Seeking Complete Financial Independence

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