Please Welcome Mitch Freedman To The Strait & Sound Team

Emotional Intelligence And Complex Problem-Solving Define His Career

Dateline:  June 30, 2023, San Francisco, CA


Strait & Sound is pleased to announce that seasoned wealth manager and CPA, Mitch Freedman, has joined our team. Mitch began serving clients in 1981 and has earned a stellar reputation for being a great listener and problem-solver for his clients. Mitch brings a CPA’s tax-mitigation mindset to client engagements. He pairs that with a strong understanding of the broader ways in which wealth management addresses a wide array of client concerns. But it’s his emotional intelligence that clients love and that has made him a standout in this field.

“I’ve been so impressed by Mitch’s honesty, integrity and the carefulness with which he forms relationships” states Todd Sixt, CEO of Strait & Sound. “Mitch was highly recommended to me by a colleague I’ve known for years. The colleague told me why he thought Mitch would be a great fit for our firm’s culture and approach to client service. That recommendation has proven to be spot-on. We’re very careful about whom we invite to join our team because the fit has to be right. We are so pleased to have Mitch join us and look forward to helping him take his practice to the next level,” states Todd.

“I’d been looking at numerous options for where to take my practice,” states Mitch Freedman. “I was seeking a team that would help me improve my approach to wealth management. Clients kept coming to me with needs that went well beyond tax and investment strategy alone. They need advice on all kinds of issues dealing with money, family and the future of their dreams. I wanted to partner with a group of people who understood this and who had built their business to address these broader concerns. That’s exactly what I’ve found at Strait & Sound,” says Mitch.

Strait & Sound is committed to helping our clients achieve complete financial independence, so they never have to worry about money again. Mitch Freedman joining our team is yet another step in that direction. His commitment to client service is a perfect match to how we do business. Please view Mitch’s profile here.


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Strait & Sound is a Registered Investment Advisory firm in the financial services industry. We provide comprehensive wealth management services to individuals and families seeking to achieve complete financial independence. Strait & Sound is deeply invested in our client relationships. The trust, admiration and loyalty our clients feel for us really defines who we are as a company. To build those kinds of relationships, we practice an intentional approach that is designed to uncover and address everything that concerns our clients regarding their wealth. Then we build a plan that is a customized combination of our seven key services.

We Provide Comprehensive Wealth Management Services For People Seeking Complete Financial Independence

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