10 Strategies For Mature Financial Advisors To Go Out On Top

Exit The Industry On Your Terms And Timetable

Todd Sixt

Todd Sixt

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Todd Sixt is the CEO of Strait & Sound. He is a successful and seasoned leader of financial service teams. His focus is to ensure Strait & Sound’s clients are provided with a first-class experience and that the work delivered by our people is unsurpassed in the financial services industry. At his core, he believes in excellence. Todd is deeply committed to helping clients achieve complete financial independence.  

For more than 20 years now, I’ve been privileged to be a coach, mentor, team leader and now CEO to hundreds of financial advisors. Over the years, I’ve seen hard-working, diligent and intelligent people endure the stress, the ups and downs and the psychological toil that are an inherent part of this industry. This is why it is incredibly sad to me that after so many years of toiling in this industry, the majority of people who exit it will not be happy. They will not go out on top. That’s just plain wrong and I’ve made it my mission to fix this problem. 

I wrote this eBook because, after years of guiding mature financial advisors through these treacherous waters, I could not find a single comprehensive resource that offered practical and reliable advice. There’s lots of advice about how to sell your book. There’s a dearth of advice about how to address the myriad other challenges that are a part of this transition. This eBook will show you how to take control of the fourth quarter of your career so you go out on top and love what comes next in life. The focus of this eBook is not just retirement planning. It’s also about moves you can make in the last quarter of your career to ensure you are completely ready for what comes next. Here are the ten strategies.

Strategy 1: Get Clarity About Your Goals

Strategy 2: Set A Fixed Date

Strategy 3: Define How To Make Your Fourth Quarter Your Best Quarter

Strategy 4: Define How You’ll Exit

Strategy 5: Define How You’ll Transfer Your Clients

Strategy 6: Define How You’ll Get Paid For Your Book Of Business

Strategy 7: Protect Your Most Vital Relationships Through This Process

Strategy 8: Define What You’ll Do With Your Time After Exit

Strategy 9: Define Your Legacy

Strategy 10: Define Whether Or Not Your Current Employer Will Allow You To Go Out On Your Terms 

If you want to exit the industry at the top of your game, make the fourth quarter of your career your absolute best and fully prepare to be happy in the next phase of life, this eBook will really help.

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