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Deploying A Comprehensive Strategy


At Strait & Sound, we are deeply invested in our client relationships. The trust, admiration and loyalty our clients feel for us really defines who we are as a company. To build those kinds of relationships, we practice an intentional approach that is designed to uncover and address everything that concerns our clients regarding their wealth. Then we build a plan that is a customized combination of our seven key services. Please allow us to explain how we work. 

Our approach to serving clients is based on the philosophy that we want clients-for-life. Many of the clients we serve today have been with us for a decade or longer. We intend to serve them through their entire lifetime and even to serve their heirs. This is why we are not in a rush to form these relationships. We know this takes time and we also know that it requires a lot of trust and transparency. We are 100% committed to building careful relationships that last. To do this, we generally follow a five-step process:

  • Discovery: where we come to know clients deeply.
  • Analysis: where we apply our best ideas to each client’s unique situation.
  • Recommendations: where we unveil a long-term plan to accomplish what matters to each client.
  • Execution: where we execute the plan with each client.
  • Review: we review each client’s situation and results on a schedule that works for them. 

To serve clients with this model, we begin with one of the most thorough discovery processes in the industry. Our approach to discovery is to sit down with you and have meaningful conversations around these 7 key areas: 

  1. Goals: we come to understand what you’re trying to accomplish and why this is important to you. All of our recommendations and strategies are built around your goals.
  2. Relationships: we come to understand who you love and what you want to see for them in their future. We also seek to understand any concerns you have about how your wealth and their future intersect.
  3. Values: we come to understand what you value and why. This shapes many of the recommendations we make, particularly regarding risk-tolerance.
  4. Assets: we develop a picture of all of your assets and a balance sheet that shows your net worth today. We also understand how those assets are protected.
  5. Advisors: we come to understand who is advising you today and how you feel about them. This can include CPAs, other financial advisors, estate attorneys, insurance specialists, religious leaders and others. With your permission, we seek to build a relationship with your advisors too.
  6. Process: we come to understand how involved you want to be moving forward. Some clients choose to meet with use once a year while others prefer once a quarter.
  7. Interests: we come to understand what interests you, including hobbies, passions, charitable interests and anything else that informs who you are as a person.

If you’ve never experienced this depth of relationship formation before, we think you’re in for a real treat. In our approach to serving clients, you are truly the star of the show. Want to get started? Just fill out the form below.

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