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Strait & Sound is a Registered Investment Advisory firm in the financial services industry. We provide comprehensive wealth management services to individuals and families seeking to achieve complete financial independence. Strait & Sound was founded by Todd Sixt, Daniel Barnes and Cory Baer, each of whom are respected professionals. All three had stellar careers before starting this firm.

The founders launched Strait & Sound because they had a vision. They believed they could serve clients better than they had ever been allowed to in the past. While they were proud of their individual accomplishments, they believed that they could be even more impactful if they took a more client-centric approach. They wanted to deliver a client experience that made them proud and that allowed them to sleep well at night, knowing they had done everything possible to act in the best interests of their clients.

But they also wanted to stretch their wings as entrepreneurs. Each founder had experimented with entrepreneurship to some degree. But the opportunity to build something, to create a business culture and a way of doing things, that was very enticing to all three founders. Doing things the Strait & Sound way really matters to the founders. So this raises some important questions.

  • What are you looking for in a relationship with a financial professional?
  • Do you want someone who will get to know you really well and take the time to listen to you and others in your family, like spouses and children?
  • Do you want someone whose sole focus is to help you create a financial plan designed to make your dreams for your future actually come to pass?
  • Do you want someone who can look at everything that impacts your wealth and create a plan to protect and maximize it?
  • Do you want someone who can serve as a leader amongst your team of professional advisors, like CPAs, estate attorneys, insurance specialists and others?
  • Do you want someone who is committed to building a long-term relationship, one that can even extend to your heirs?

If you answer yes to these questions, maybe it’s time we had a conversation. Just fill out the form below and then let’s talk.

We Provide Comprehensive Wealth Management Services For People Seeking Complete Financial Independence

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