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Comprehensive Wealth Management Services For Discerning Individuals & Families

Strait & Sound is a Registered Investment Advisory firm in the financial services industry. We provide comprehensive wealth management services to individuals and families seeking to achieve complete financial independence. We are fiduciaries who act in the best interests of our clients. Our mission is to put our clients in a position where they never have to worry about money again so they can live rich and meaningful lives.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the foundation of wealth-building. Every Strait & Sound client receives their own unique financial plan, customized to their long-term goals.

Investment Management

We believe smart risks are your ally against the negative impacts of inflation, having cash-on-hand for expenses and never outliving your money. 

Retirement Planning

We believe retirement planning is about creating a roadmap to your future, a roadmap that is unique to your dreams and goals.

Tax Strategy

We are tax mitigation experts who know that the money you save on taxes can accelerate you toward complete financial independence.

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About Us

We launched Strait & Sound because we believed we could serve clients better than we had ever been allowed to in the past.

Who We Serve

We love our clients. Successful executives. Entrepreneurs. Classic savers. We serve people who want to be really smart with their money.

How We Work

Our approach to serving clients is based on the simple philosophy that we want happy clients who stay with us for life.

Why Choose Us

The kind of relationships we form with clients are deep, rich and meaningful. Here are several reasons you should choose us.

We Provide Comprehensive Wealth Management Services For People Seeking Complete Financial Independence

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